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How we started

In 2012, a group of landscape architects (LAND atelier) organised an exhibition in a vacant greenhouse complex on the Koningsweg in Utrecht. The aim was to draw attention to the disused tracts of land on the outskirts of Utrecht, where for centuries the fruit and vegetables for the city were grown.

Together with Jos Jongerius, the owner of the agricultural land, we made a pact to revitalize the historic agricultural area in order to bring food closer to the people in the city.

Stichting Koningshof Utrecht
Akke Bink
Gijs Rijnbeek
Robbert Jongerius
Roeland Meek
Chair(wo)man: Noraly Roozendaal
Treasurer: Jord Huffels
Secretary: Ruby Laws

Let’s introduce


The input of traditional agricultural knowledge comes in particular from Jos, who has grown fruit and vegetables since childhood in the centuries-old family business. Besides his work for Koningshof, Jos also works as a gardener at the Botanical Gardens in Utrecht. Jos has practical knowledge of, among other things, fruit and vegetable cultivation.



After the gardening training, Akke took the step to follow the study of garden and landscape design at Van Hall Larenstein in Velp. In addition to designing gardens, Akke is actively involved in projects in Utrecht-Oost such as the redevelopment of the Oosterspoorbaan.



Robbert grew up at the Koningsweg in Utrecht East and has worked in his father’s and grandfather’s business from a young age on. He supervises the cultivation plan in the greenhouse for top restaurants like Vaartse Rijn. In 2016 he graduated as a landscape architect at the Academy of Architecture.




A passionate craftsman and landscape architect, Roeland is a versatile person who connects food-related themes on all scales. With his graduation project at the Academy of Architecture, he investigated the relationship between local food cultivation and the city of Utrecht.



As the sun of a well-known arborist family, Gijs is often active in the gardens of Koningshof. In addition, Gijs often works on artistic projects and special objects in the outdoor space.




Ruby started gardening at Koningshof in 2017, together with three friends. She can still regularly be found at garden number 4. Her interest in vegetable gardening comes from the allotment her mother had and the area of potato farming where she’s from in Friesland. She’s on the board of Koningshof since 2019 and takes up the role of the secretary. For all questions about contracts and waiting lists, she can be found at tuinders@koningshof-utrecht.nl

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