Learn in practice

Harvest your own vegetables in our beautiful greenhouses, or pick your own flowers in our flower garden!

Veggie shopping?

Buying vegetables has never been so much fun! Every Saturday you get the best vegetables, freshly harvested that morning, at our “Vegetable with Roots” stand. Discover how vegetables grow in our greenhouse!

Researchers & PhD students

We welcome researchers and PhD students to do research on the subject of sustainable, local and organic agriculture

Share & Discuss

We regularly organize meetings to promote the debate around our current food chain and to make the food chain more sustainable.


We centralize and share a collection of dissertations.
Use our resources and contribute to the databank.

Experiment and innovate with us

We are a laboratory, join us and experiment and innovate with us! We are always open for new ideas.


Opening hours

Open every Saturday
from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Koningsweg 135a
3585 LA Utrecht


Do you have any questions about Koningshof,
Send us an e-mail: