Renting a garden?

Start the change!

Do you want to taste local vegetables, or do you want to grow your own vegetables under professional supervision? Then your are in the right place at Koningshof.

At Koningshof we learn by doing things together. In our greenhouse, everything grows a month earlier than outside. This way we can show you what you can grow in your own vegetable garden and how it can be done.

Contribution season 2020*:

Whole plot (approx. 4x12m) €300,- this is including 1 crate, excl. a deposit of €50,-

Half plot (approx. 4x6m) €175,- this is including 1 crate, excl. a deposit of €25,-

*Prices can be adjusted

 There is currently a waiting list for 2021. Due to the great interest, we can unfortunately not specify how long it will take before a spot is free.

 What do you get when you rent a garden?

  • On Saturdays from 10:00 to 17:00, a member of the team of the Koningshof team is present to answer questions or to give tips.
  • You can visit your garden every day from sunrise to sunset (otherwise in consultation).
  • We regularly organize presentations and workshops with different themes about growing vegetables, harvesting, storing, preparing and eating them. We try to keep the costs for the participants of Koningshof as low as possible.
  • The gardens are fenced against hares and rabbits. However, we cannot prevent that anything that flies or jumps higher than approx. 70 centimeters will sneak into your garden and take a nibble here and there…
  • If desired, we can ensure for a small fee that your garden is milled/machine-throttled at the beginning of the season.
  • There are tools such as wheelbarrows, buckets, spades, rakes, hoes etc. present.
  • Storage space for your own small (hand) tools, shovels, gloves, boots etc. (for a fee of €5,- per/year per crate) This space is not sealed off, so do not keep any valuables on Koningshof, if you do, this is at your own risk.
  • Toilet space. there is a cleaning schedule, each garden is responsible for cleaning twice a year.
  • In dirty weather you can hide in the barn or in the greenhouse with us, there are tables and chairs and there is a tiny library with gardening books, but you can also enjoy your lunch.




Elke Zaterdag

10:00 – 16:00

Koningsweg 135a

3585LA Utrecht


Voor vragen over Koningshof dan kun je contact op nemen met:

 Akke Bink & Noraly Roozendaal