Local citizens

Join the slow food movement

Start the change

Whether you’re looking for a little taste into Utrecht local food, or want to grow your own sustainable garden under the guidance of a professional, we have the right program for you.

Shop delicious organic veggies

With Koningshof to go, every Saturday, get healthy veggies, at an affordable price. Enjoy the experience of harvesting, discover seasonal products and how they taste amazingly good!

Learn how to grow organic

At Koninghof we teach by doing together. Because of the greenhouse climate, we can show you one month early what to do in your own plot, and how to do it.

Get a plot!

We offer plots, from 50 to 100m2, at an affordable yearly price. It’s ideal for those who want their own space to grow their own veggies. 

Tastings & special workshops

We love food. And above all we love sharing good food. We organize regularly tastings and workshops with special guests to share a good time together.

Share & debate

We organize movie nights, conferences and debates to foster the slow food movement in Utrecht. 


Are you looking for a special place where you could celebrate a special event? We do host special events in the magical atmosphere of Koningshof with Koningshof experience.

Volunteer with us!

For a community experience, join the volunteering team at the greenhouse! 

It’s the best way to “learn by doing” with us: you grow beautiful veggies without the hassle of taking care of your own plot.