Taste our vegetables?

Our home-grown vegetables are delicious!

We are proud to grow many different types of organic and delicious vegetables at Koningshof. Some of our species are specific to our region. Come and have a taste!

Vegetables with Roots

Every Saturday you have access to our market stall ‘Vegetable with Roots’. You can buy healthy vegetables for a reasonable price. Come along and enjoy the experience of harvesting your seasonal vegetables yourself and discover how exquisite they taste!

Coffee Shack & Kaslokaal

Come and have a nice cup of coffee at the Coffee shack, or at the bar of the Kaslokaal!

Tasty table buffet

On Saturdays you can come and taste our ‘Seeding Table buffet’. Every week we serve a different buffet lunch, including coffee, tea or a juice.




Every Saturday

10:00 – 16:00

Koningsweg 135a

3585LA Utrecht


For questions about Koningshof's products, please contact:

 Robbert Jongerius



Japanese samurai eat me prior to a game. I make you feel that you are courageous and invincible. From me there are many different species and I can be warm, but also very spicy. So be careful before you eat me.



I am a tropical plant from South America and the sister of the potato. Now I am widely used in the kitchen worldwide. You can bake, come, dry and raw through the salad.



I am the little brother of the cucumber. You can fry me, grill or make me soup. I have more flavor when I am small.



Did you know that it takes three weeks before my flowers grow into a cucumber? I can grow up to 50 cucumbers in a summer. Tasty and refreshing by the salad.


I taste a bit like nuts and can be quite spicy in taste. Often I am used as a garnish in a salad.



You probably know me. I am combined with all sorts of dishes and often served as a side dish. There are many kinds of me, such as iceberg lettuce, oak leaf lettuce and cabbage lettuce.



I am orange and have green leaves. They say I'm good for your eyes, but that's a myth. You can make delicious cake of me.


I am red and very healthy. My juice helps to reduce high blood pressure and ensures good digestion. I am available almost all year round.


I consist of very different layers and grow mostly underneath the ground. I am multifunctional in the kitchen. You can blanch, stew, stir-fry and even eat raw.


I originally come from the Mediterranean area and am a bit forgotten. You eat my tuberous, thickened stalk that can be white-green and blue.


I am full of vitamin C and other nutrients, which protect you from damage and aging. In the winter months I protect you against flu and colds.




I am a real powerhouse. Are you tired and lifeless? Then eat spinach, because I contain nutrients that help to release energy in your body.


I am a black carrot that is mainly available during the winter. I was cultivated by the Egyptians and often portrayed on the wall paintings.


I am beautiful, tasty and also healthy. You can eat my flowers, but only before they bloom. You can dip my leaves in dressing of oil and balsamic vinegar.


Coffee and tea drinkers pay attention! I have Choline that works as a detoxifier and has a cholesterol-lowering effect. In addition, I am important for your brain and memory.


I come in different shapes and sizes, shapes and colors. I often grow on compost heaps where I get a lot of nutrition. During Halloween I am often very scary, but you can also eat me.


You can hide with me in the vegetable soup or use me for much more. Originally I come from Italy, where I was loved for my fresh taste. You can also fill my stems with hummus or pesto.



My ancestors came from South America not so long ago. I am a poisonous plant, but people eat me a lot. Fortunately, you can make tasty slices and fries of me.


My bitter taste doesn't make me popular everywhere. I am mainly eaten in the winter with potatoes. You can cook, braise and stir me. Or eat me raw.


I am actually a beautiful flower that is cut off too early. Cover me with my against the sun so that I do not turn yellow. I am a frequent guest on your plate and delicious with a cheese sauce.


I am perhaps the most famous fresh legume of the country. I am a legume that grows into the light along a string. My bunches are often a bit hidden under my leaves. If you look carefully, I will reward you with tasty fresh beans.


You can continue to harvest from me. I have beautiful blue-green leaves and growth like a palm in the air. My leaves are healthy and I am used a lot in stir-fries, stew and soups.


My nickname is donkey ear because I look like it. I am a very Dutch species and can have short and long leaves. In the spring I am at my best and tasty.


I am a wholesome herb and one of the most used herbs in the Dutch kitchen. I am full of vitamins C, E, K and minerals. I am used as a medicine to strengthen the immune system and to relieve bladder inflammation.